A little history…

Be Ready was born over 14 years ago out of a sincere desire to educate people about the importance of being prepared for the next big earthquake or natural disaster.  So many times, I hear stories of families that have lost everything for the simple reason that they had not put together an emergency plan or, if they had a plan, did not have sufficient supplies to get them through their ordeal.

No matter where you live, a significant natural disaster is always possible. Most people know that they should have a plan and supplies in place. But when it comes right down to it, many get overwhelmed with the prospect of gathering the supplies or frustrated because they can’t find them.

Let me show you how to create an effective survival kit and plan that will get you through any disaster and give you peace of mind.

Whether you are a school, a business, or an individual, Be Ready has the solution for you.

What we offer…

  • Earthquake and Survival Products.
  • School Emergency Kits.
  • CERT Products.
  • Customized Survival Kits for Family and Business.
  • Emergency Preparedness Presentations.
  • Fundraising Opportunities.

What our clients say…