Susan Trant, owner of Be Ready, spoke to our MOMS Connect group, and we found her to be informative about preparing for natural disasters and home emergencies as well as being realistic about how difficult and time consuming it is to prepare adequately.  Susan’s validation of the seemingly overwhelming task of preparing for a disaster actually worked to calm us.  Susan realizes that it is not a job that can be done in a day but a process that, once started, can empower us.  She assured us that “preparedness = peace of mind.

Susan shared her vast knowledge about how to prepare ourselves, our homes, and our families for emergencies.  She offered many helpful tips.  There is much to learn and do.  We were given a checklist and encouraged to start working through it.  Getting started is the key.

Susan enclosed a list of products we could order from her, but she also offered alternative suggestions so that we could create our own kits.  There was no pressure to purchase her products.  Her main motive was to teach us how to become prepared for emergencies and/or natural disasters.