We highly recommend 2BeReady, they were a great company to work with. They took care of all the paperwork we needed and built the emergency contingency plan to what was required by the state and our insurance company. If we need any updates in the future, we will be sure to use 2BeReady!
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Nikki BaldwinMetropolitan West

Susan was a life-saver! She was a referral from a friend when I was looking for someone to help me
pack up my house to move out of state. She was available, organized, thoughtful, helpful, and
committed to getting the job done so efficiently. I don’t know what I would have done without her help!
I would recommend Susan for organizing, packing, or recommendations for survival products. She is a
valuable, honest person and has a great attitude!
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Susan PArizona

Susan is an absolute delight to work with. I have hired her through the years to declutter and
organize my homes in Corona del Mar, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Later ,Susan helped us pack up,
throw out, give away and sell some things in order to move out of both the Corona del Mar and LA
homes. Next, she helped us unpack, organize and move things into our Palm Springs home. I have no
idea how we would have done all of this without Susan. Susan brings wonderful energy and lightness
to these tasks.
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David RPalm Springs (formerly Corona del Mar and LA)

What I appreciated most about Susan was her positive energy and reassuring presence while I was
saying goodbye to long loved items that have now become a hindrance to living comfortably in today’s
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Liane TLaguna Woods

If you have a chance to see Susan’s emergency preparedness presentation, I definitely recommend you attend! Susan has an abundance of useful information, along with website links and other tools to help prepare for any emergency. Her packaged survival kits makes it easy to have everything you need in case of an emergency and they also make great gifts for family and friends.”

Thanks again for doing your awesome presentation for us!
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June KimUCLA Alumni Orange Country Coordinator

I just want all who read this to know two things:

First you won’t find a better person to do business with! Susan is an awesome person who is just a delight to be around and has a very warm and friendly presence about her. She is one of those individuals who brightens up a room just by being  in it!

Second, if you are serious about preparing not only for the “Big One” but the in life lots of little ones that can occur, then you should at least talk to Susan.

We all know it’s going to happen but we always put it off. Well Susan makes it easy and convenient and affordable. Weather for yourself or for a gift for someone you love…..

Let me give you one quick example how awesome Susan’s products and services are. Beyond water and food to get you thru whatever, Susan got me this super cool portable AM/FM Radio that is powered by batteries, or solar or a hand crank. It had a flashlight built in , and get this…. We recently had a major power outage, and the radio is even equipped to charge your cell phone!

During the power failure we had no idea what was going on, but the radio got us the news, the flashlight lit the way, and we kept in communication with charged cell phones!

Susan absolutely knows her stuff and has the kits and supplies for every need and budget.

Thanks to Susan at Be Ready Earthquake and Survival Products.

I can’t say thanks enough or recommend her highly enough.

Brad BernsteinA C N Independent Business Owner

Susan Trant, owner of Be Ready, spoke to our MOMS Connect group, and we found her to be informative about preparing for natural disasters and home emergencies as well as being realistic about how difficult and time consuming it is to prepare adequately.  Susan’s validation of the seemingly overwhelming task of preparing for a disaster actually worked to calm us.  Susan realizes that it is not a job that can be done in a day but a process that, once started, can empower us.  She assured us that “preparedness = peace of mind.

Susan shared her vast knowledge about how to prepare ourselves, our homes, and our families for emergencies.  She offered many helpful tips.  There is much to learn and do.  We were given a checklist and encouraged to start working through it.  Getting started is the key.

Susan enclosed a list of products we could order from her, but she also offered alternative suggestions so that we could create our own kits.  There was no pressure to purchase her products.  Her main motive was to teach us how to become prepared for emergencies and/or natural disasters.
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Terri Treemarcki-Beck Director Community Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Peace of mind is often in short supply. When we can have something tangible to assist us it’s a good feeling. Susan Trant has a solution that has helped me and members of my family enjoy peace of mind. How? . . . the BeReady Earthquake and Survival Kits. These custom made kits, specifically designed for you and your family, have food, water, first aid kits, even dog food and much more to sustain you in the event of an earthquake or other disaster. I have one in my car and one in my bedroom. My children each have them in their homes

Susan is a joy to work with. Tell her what you need and she’ll hand deliver it to you within a couple of days or less. Susan is passionate about keeping our communities earthquake ready. As I said earlier, peace of mind is hard to come by. Having a fully stocked survival kit handy does a great deal to help.

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Christina MartelOwner/Broker Martel Insurance Services

Susan Trant from Be Ready Earthquake & Survival Products led a very informative discussion on best ways to be prepared in the event of an emergency.  She offered suggestions of what to have and different ways to find useful items. Each of my students left feeling better aware of important steps to take toward being properly prepared.

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Kris McCartneyParent-Child Participation Instructor