I just want all who read this to know two things:

First you won’t find a better person to do business with! Susan is an awesome person who is just a delight to be around and has a very warm and friendly presence about her. She is one of those individuals who brightens up a room just by being  in it!

Second, if you are serious about preparing not only for the “Big One” but the in life lots of little ones that can occur, then you should at least talk to Susan.

We all know it’s going to happen but we always put it off. Well Susan makes it easy and convenient and affordable. Weather for yourself or for a gift for someone you love…..

Let me give you one quick example how awesome Susan’s products and services are. Beyond water and food to get you thru whatever, Susan got me this super cool portable AM/FM Radio that is powered by batteries, or solar or a hand crank. It had a flashlight built in , and get this…. We recently had a major power outage, and the radio is even equipped to charge your cell phone!

During the power failure we had no idea what was going on, but the radio got us the news, the flashlight lit the way, and we kept in communication with charged cell phones!

Susan absolutely knows her stuff and has the kits and supplies for every need and budget.

Thanks to Susan at Be Ready Earthquake and Survival Products.

I can’t say thanks enough or recommend her highly enough.